Breathe In (single)

by The Wife and Kids

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I believe that everyone makes mistakes and I am no exception to this rule but everyone I know is living life alright, and I feel like I'm the only one who's not "just fine" and I'm tired of feeling sick.

So be the light that I need to see in the darkness, whenever I'm lost in deep space because a light-less spectrum does not reflect all the colors that will keep me safe.

If I were a color, I'd be dark blue like the selfish sorrow inside of me. If I were the lie and you were the truth then I'd paint the sky dark green for you.

No matter what the world will keep spinning, if I have a good day or a bad one because gravity and physics have us in a bind but the supernova in my brain clouds my mind and I'm lost without you.

It must begin, a new sensation all over.
So perfectly in balance, all the waves push and pull me
back and forth.
Rooted into the ground and I cannot relax
I'm running around and not leaving tracks.
Too much control in forcing myself to release.
A self-correcting wave of errors rushes by
and everything is magnified until comfort is impossible.
This is a simple origin of our skills and practices,
until the perfect pitch is found, we will keep learning.
Becoming one with our contraptions,
an explorer of the mind.
A friendly voice is found in the mirror.
Never lonely with my wingman
no need for too much.

What I have is perfect.


released July 10, 2015
Lyrics by Connor Kokora.
Music by The Wife and Kids.




The Wife and Kids Fort Worth, Texas

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